A Song in My Heart

There’s a song in my heart, on the tip of my tongue
Just beyond the point of reach.
It’s singing of eternity
Tasting of the glories God has tucked into every day life.
The smoke rising off the mountains and the wind whose gentle breeze flutters the full, green leaves of the trees.
Both are singing
The promise of resurrection and renewal.
“He’s coming,” they say.
“We’re ready,” they whisper
As the golden light of five o’clock makes the world and my heart feel alive and good.
As my hands are pulled on once again and yet another head rests gently on my shoulder
As warm coffee slips smoothly down my throat
And as I breathe in the mountain air
And as I see the majesty of the stars at night
I feel Him too.
The glorious splendor of the Lord pushes through the cracks of my routine and suddenly
I am in awe
Keenly aware..
“I am ready too,” I whisper.
I am ready to gaze upon the glory of the Lord and sing His praises for all eternity.
I am ready for redemption where all that is left is Jesus.
The world whispers.
My heart whispers.
“Lord have your way! Come soon!”



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