My God is a God

Who sits across from me

At a coffee shop table.

Who whispers with longing,

“Come away with me. Come away.”

Who doesn’t promise health or riches here on this broken planet

But instead promises of a plan

A plan that is wild and great and full of Him.

How could I say no?

How could I turn away from the God who sang the stars into existence

And yet knows more about me than my name

Who knows the deepest longings of my heart

And every word it seems to scream when there just aren’t words enough.

His relentless pursuit is fiercer than a lion.

He will give armies for my life.

Kingdoms in exchange for my ransom.

He will trample the enemy for the glace of my eye

For every step I choose to turn away from the world and step closer towards Him.

And through this pursuit, my heart is overwhelmed.

Me, Lord?

Yes, My love, You.

Why, Lord?

Because my love for you is never-ending.

The Love of the Lord is fiercer and stronger than any love scene this world has to offer.

His love for me is Mighty.

It is Relentless.

It is LOUD.

Pursuing me by day and night

Until my heart can say

“Yes LORD, Only you? Your Name and Your Renown are the desires of my heart! Do what You will with my life!”



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