I Am a Tree

I am a tree

Graciously planted by the streams of the Lord.

I am thirsty

Longing for more.

So I drink of the deep clear waters which refresh my soul.

My branches

My arms

They sprawl upwards

Longing to pierce the blanket of sky

Hoping only to catch a glimpse of Glory.

More Lord.

Yes, more.

As my roots sink deeper

As they drink deeper

My branches stretch outward

Shading and sustaining those who come.

The weak.

The hungry.

The weary.

Take shelter.

Be fed.

Find rest.

Satisfy your soul.

Bask in the Glory which shines through my branches

Pushes me aside to reach to you.

He sees you.

He desires to heal you.

O Lord, let my growth only be a beacon for others to taste your goodness!!!




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