Sometimes I forget to look up.

I forget to be in awe of this beautiful world around me.

To be taken aback by Queen’s Lace on the side of the road

The smell of sweet flowers and fresh cut grass

The way the sun feels on my skin

And how beautiful the world looks when covered in its golden evening hue.

All of the sudden I am speechless.

Maybe all of this isn’t just a pretty picture.

Maybe it’s a message.

An opportunity for my ears to catch the faint whisper

Of the Creator’s Song

Still being sung since the beginning of time.

Maybe we were destined to notice.

To be alive and present in the Creator’s creation.

Maybe we weren’t supposed to miss it.

Perhaps the pull in my heart

The feeling I get after wasting my day inside

Consumed by technology

Consumed by myself

Perhaps it’s my heart longing for the Song

And perhaps id I weren’t so enamored in me

I wouldn’t miss Him.

Because He’s calling

In the flowers

Through the smells.

He’s as close as the warmth on my skin.

And I’m missing Him.

Because I refuse to look up.

I ignore the opportunity to connect.

I miss the invasion of Glory into everyday life.

All because I am consumed with me.

I must choose to look up.

I must choose to be present.

Because I don’t want to miss the moments

Of Glory

Of Hearing

Of Him.

I just don’t want to miss it.



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