What It Is

Letting go of perfection is a challenging task

Because the moment I think I’m okay

Is the moment the fear of inadequacy comes

Creeping back into my life

Suffocating my joy and soul.

Maybe the do notice all my flaws

Maybe they’re just being nice

Avoiding the fact that my thighs touch

I talk much too loudly

I am too passionate about things

I am nice to a fault.

Too emotional.

Too heavy.

Too much.

Maybe I am a burden

Maybe I am not enough.


But maybe there is more to life

Than carrying the weight of my inadequacies.

Maybe people really do love me.

My heart

My mind

My body.

Maybe they’re unique

A creation of the Creator

To love

To learn

To sustain.

Maybe these hips will carry children

Pausing from life to dance around the kitchen

To comfort a tired and sad and small version of myself.

Maybe this voice will be used to lead

To encourage

To spread life and truth.

And maybe this mind will be used to create

To write

To imagine and dream.


So Lord renew my mind

My eyes

My heart

Day by day

Moment by moment

That I would see what you see

Rejoice in your creation

And call it what it is:





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