This Sweet Season

Today is close to the one-month mark of sophomore year. And what a crazy, fast-paced month it has been! From recruitment, to flying to Colorado for my best friend’s wedding, to actually going to class (which I keep having to remind myself is the actual reason I’m here) to starting a running program, this month has been so so crazy. Although the beginning was rough, coming back from Colorado has left me feeling refreshed and joyful. I feel healthy, I feel joyful, I feel alive.

As Fall’s cool breezes are just beginning to curb the heat of summertime, I’m reminded of the harvest season that Fall entails. I can’t help but think that this season of my life is going to be sweet. I’m ready for the harvest. To celebrate the changing of the leaves and feel the cool breeze and experience small but sweet revelations of just how close Jesus is. It’s face to face intimacy and it is sweet. I just can’t get enough. This season is a season of growing and becoming. Of a lot of laughter and sweet conversations over coffee. It’s a season of family dinners and making others feel important, of deeper intimacy with Jesus and feeling the joy of taking care of my body. This is a season of waiting. Of singleness. Of trusting Jesus with my dreams, my plans, my desires. It’s a season of being intentional, being outside, being eager to learn and to be stretched. It’s a season of understanding, listening, believing, encouraging. It’s a season of feeling alive.

And I’m ready.


It’s gonna be good.




(I know that’s quite a few photos, but I wanted to share some sweet times in the last month! I am so abundantly blessed.)


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