Mary Catherine Ownby.


Wildly Beloved Daughter of the King. Bride to be. Lover of words, strong coffee, meals around the table, and telling the truth. Steadily finishing up a BA in English Literature and a Masters in English Education at the University of Tennessee. My life has been ruined by the love of Jesus, and this is a space where I share (and oftentimes wrestle) with what the Lord is doing in my life. I try to share honestly and openly, for I have found that not everything in life needs to be nicely packaged, especially the deep inner workings of the heart. I have found that there is nothing more glorious than having the courage to say who you really are, and opening up to the safe people in your life and to the Lord. May this be a space where we can come together to laugh and cry, rejoice, and share our fears. May iron sharpen iron, and may we leave a little more refined and sure of the Great Love God has for us.

Thanks for stopping in. xo

Photos by the lovely Erin McCall



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